The Sarah K. Allen Memorial Bursary



The purpose of the bursary is to promote higher education in the performing arts by providing financial assistance to eligible students.


Each bursary shall be in the amount of $1,000. Based on funds available, the number of bursaries available will be determined annually by the Executive Committee.


Any high school graduate who is, or intends to be, engaged in a theatre arts program at a post-secondary level and who has demonstrated a financial need, a keen interest and love for the theatre arts, is eligible to apply and may be considered for a bursary.

Sarah Allen (1978-2012) was one of the first to receive this bursary.


Preference shall be given to eligible candidates who have not been a prior recipient of the bursary and who have demonstrated an interest in the theatre arts and/or is a member of the South Shore Players.


The Executive Committee will consider all applications received and prepare a list of those applicants, in order of priority, who they consider to be eligible for the bursary. The Executive Committee’s determination of eligibility and priority shall be final. Available bursaries will be offered to applicants in order of the priority established by the Executive Committee. In the event that an offer of a bursary is not accepted or if, after being accepted, the applicant does not proceed with the program for which the bursary has been granted, the bursary shall be cancelled and at the discretion of the Executive Committee may be offered to the next eligible person in order of priority.

Sarah K. Allen Memorial Bursary Application